Code of Ethics

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Code of Ethics and Competency Guide For Online Marketing and SEO Companies


The purpose of this Code of Ethics and Competency Guide For Online Marketing and SEO Companies is to define generic ethical principles which members commit to and maintain.

This document may be used in conjunction with any codes of practise, conduct or ethics

issued by an Organisational Member.

For clarity and ease of expression, the third person plural pronoun is used as spy software for blackberry q5 non-gendered pronoun for “Online Marketer or Online Marketing and SEO Companies”: so they is used for “she/he” and “their” for “her/his”.

This Ethical Principles and Code of cell phone spy software windows mobile Professional Conduct cannot cover every potential ethical, conduct or competence related concern. Members must therefore depend on their own thoughtful evaluation of viagra 50 dosage specific principles and the spirit expressed in iphone app cell phone tracker these statements.

Online Marketing and SEO Companies and members commits to engage with the challenge of striving for ethical practice and conduct, even when doing so involves making difficult decisions or acting courageously.

In the area of General Ethics, the Online Marketing/SEO Company shall not:

Engage in any behaviors that will intentionally harm a client or a competitor. This includes performing black-hat techniques that may get that client’s

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site banned from the search engines, or purposefully interfering with a competitor’s site as to try

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and get their site dropped from the search engine in order to get their client’s website into a better cialis price lebanon position.

Intentionally engage in activities in direct violation of a search engine’s guidelines. Again, these types of behaviors can impose penalties by search engines, or banning from the search engine indexes altogether.

Purposefully engage in behavior that breaches a client’s confidentiality or privacy. An Online Marketing/SEO Company many times has access to your reviews for cell spy stealth sensitive materials on buycialischeap-storein your website, including documents, logins, passwords, product information and other items. It is not acceptable for an Online Marketing/SEO Company to make this information public, nor is it acceptable for the Online Marketing/SEO Company to discuss your account with other Online Marketing/SEO Company that are not particularly working on your account. It is in your best interest to include a clause in your contract cialis generic uk with the Online Marketing/SEO Company that specifically protects your confidentiality and privacy.

Deliberately violate any laws, including but not limited to trademark or copyright laws. Online Marketing/SEO Companies that use copyrighted names, like Google or PayPal or Sony or even misspellings of trademarked names, in order to inflate a site’s ranking is considered illegal, and punishable by law. It won’t be the Online Marketing/SEO Company in trouble, but rather you and your site will take the fall. Make sure there is a clause in your contract that addresses this issue.

Falsely claim another’s work to be their own. Online Marketing/SEO Companies sometimes do this in order to make their portfolio look impressive, especially when they know a client probably can’t or won’t follow up on their portfolio examples. It is a good idea to ask the Online Marketing/SEO Company for specific references, and outline the exact work that was done for the client, and ask for permission to contact that client to corroborate the Online Marketing/SEO Company’s claims.

Intentionally mislead, harm, or offend a consumer. This includes bait and switch tactics intent

on bringing traffic to the site, or making a visitor believe the site is something it is not. An example of this is to use terms like “Disney” or “Teddy Bear” in order to get a visitor to come to their website, when in actuality it is an illegal wares site or a porn

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Disparage other SEO consultant, Online Marketing/SEO Companies, or former and current clients in public, even if you know they have engaged in unethical techniques, or treated the Online Marketing/SEO Company badly. It is never professional for an Online Marketing/SEO Company to bad-mouth another Online Marketing/SEO Company or Online Marketing/SEO Company to you or anyone else. It’s how to watermelon viagra just bad business practices, and should make you wonder if the Online Marketing/SEO Company will talk about you in the same way.

Fail to stay current on search engine updates, changes, news, training or education. It is in your best interest that your Online Marketing/SEO Company know what’s going on today in the search engine world, due to the fluid nature of search engine changes which occur very frequently.

In the area of Customer Service and Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) TACTICAL MARKETNG, the Online Marketing/SEO Company shall not:


Misrepresent their abilities, education, success rates, certifications, performance, or affiliations (e.g. affiliations with Search Engines). Many Online Marketing/SEO Companies inflate their abilities as driven by greed in order to get a client’s business. But if that Online Marketing/SEO Company is unable to accomplish the task, that client will be not only be losing their rankings, but their money as well.

Set unreasonable expectations

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for success, including providing iron-clad guarantees that cannot possibly be reached or maintained, timetables that cannot be met, etc. As much as anyone would like to believe, there is no one that can guarantee you number one results in a search engine results pages. They can however provide an SEO performance guarantee to continue working on your campaign at the Online Marketing/SEO Company’s expensive for a pre determined time period.

Encourage a conflict of interest between two clients’ sites which pertain to the same keywords without notifying both using cialis for best results parties of the conflict. This is a tough one, and many SEO experts debate this issue. While it is highly unlikely the Online Marketing/SEO Company will be optimising sites for exactly all the same keywords and phrases, companies certainly can have this problem, as sites in competitive industries such as travel and computer software are all competing for the same keywords. It’s not ethical of your Online Marketing/SEO Company to cross optimise sites that will be competing directly against each other. Some Online Marketing/SEO Companies believe this is okay, as long as both clients are informed. This is a gray area, really, but ultimately it is up to you as the client to decide if this is an acceptable practice.

Make themselves unavailable for customer support when necessary. An Online Marketing/SEO Company should be available to their clients. This doesn’t mean they have to give you their home phone number. But they should return your voice mails, reply to your emails, explain their methods, and answer your questions!

Treat one client better than another based on payment, work involved, or any other reason. All clients should be regarded equally, without giving preferential treatment to one over another. This is especially important when there is a conflict of interest in competing sites. viagra and diabetes It shouldn’t matter if your account is a small one compared to the other site.

Intentionally provide confidential

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client information to the public. A client’s confidentiality is very important, and while the Online Marketing/SEO Company may have access to

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client passwords or logins, this is not license for them to share what they’ve learned about you.

Fail to protect sensitive client material that could have easily been kept private with a Robots Exclusion Standard file. It is easy to keep search engines out of sensitive files and information, and it’s a viagraonline-cheapbest responsibility that the SEO should carry, either

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to do it themselves at no charge or for cost, or they should

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instruct you how to do it.

Charge a client for information that the Online Marketing/SEO Company cannot provide or does not know, such as when Search Engine updates will occur. No Online Marketing/SEO Company can tell you exactly when an update will occur, or what will be covered cialis online ordering in an update. Services that “protect” you during updates are scams.

Employ false or misleading advertising regarding a client’s products or services for the purpose of inflating search engine ranking or traffic. While this is deplorable in any industry, in SEO, this is a good indication that either the product or its marketing needs improvement in order to present it as it is, or that the Online Marketing/SEO Company cannot perform the required marketing techniques for the product without employing trickery.

Intentionally keep from a clients understanding the risks involved with SEO. SEO is not an exact science, and it

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is impossible to guarantee number one rankings. There is always a risk that SEO efforts will not be as effective as a client wishes, especially in a saturated market or with very general keywords. You should be made aware of all the risks regarding the SEO efforts implemented regarding your site.

Fail to comply with a contract with a client, or be truthful about methodology involved. It’s always a good idea to have a contract to protect yourself, outlining both what the Online Marketing/SEO Company has promised to do, as well as giving you specifics on how they plan to do it. This way, you can make sure that your expectations are met and make sure the Online Marketing/SEO Company doesn’t have something tricky planned for your site.

Place hidden links within a client’s website to send traffic to the Online Marketing/SEO Company’s own website. Hidden links are a bad idea, but you especially don’t want to suddenly find your existing web traffic leaking elsewhere.

In the area of Search Engine Guidelines,

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the Online Marketing/SEO Company buy cialis online shall not:


Resubmit a site to thousands of search engines repeatedly. Not only is this not necessary, it is also considered spam. It also may delay natural search engine crawling of your website

Attempt to manipulate indexing or enhance domain saturation. This includes continually “pinging” the search engines to make them aware of your site’s web presence, automatically created doorway or AdSense pages, garbled text in a paragraph to include keywords, and keyword stuffing.

Falsely represent the contents of a client’s website. This includes presenting one set of information to a visitor, and another to a search engine. This pertains to hidden text, CSS layers, cloaking, IP delivery techniques,

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redirects, and hidden scripts

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or links. **This does NOT include helping sites drop session IDs from URLs and using keyword-rich URL 301 redirects or scripts in order to give true URL context. (This actually came from the

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horses’ mouth during the latest SES conference the first week viagra of December. The horses here are Yahoo, Google, and MSN.)

Generate doorway pages with the sole purpose of propagation or interlinking content that is mirrored or duplicated from a separate domain. The new term for doorway pages is “specialized landing pages”. Beware that if these pages are stand-alone, gps personal tracker lbs+sms/gprs setup or on another server with the intent of redirecting the visitor towards a different website, then these landing pages are nothing more than doorway pages, and this practice is strictly

prohibited by search engines.

Make excessive use of Search engine resources. This includes using remote services to query the search engines. Over use of search engine APIs or queries not only overload the search engine servers and slow down crawls, but search engines do viagra without a prescription attempt to locate the source of the problem, and ban the IP. If this happens on an IP that your website is on, then you could be banned from the search engine index for good.

Use non-compliant HTML in an effort to enhance relevancy for targeted search phrases, including the use of multiple titles. This usually refers to using titles or descriptions that contain highly popular keywords or keyword phrases, but have nothing to do with the actual context of the page.

Participate in link farms or pages featuring user added link systems, deceitful linking strategies, or other linking call blocker in telenor schemes, which include interlinking differing client websites. Directories are being closely scrutinised as link farms, especially if these directories have no resounding theme, and link directories on a website in order to house all link requests a website gets is not considered good practice, as evidenced by the latest Google Jagger update.


An Online Marketing/SEO Company’s job is to

1 Increase a client’s rankings in search engines, but it must be done ethically, morally, and naturally.

2. Be capable of providing Strategic Messaging for the clients websites etc in order the get the highest conversions possible.

Any failure to do so is not only a bad investment on the part of a website

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owner, but it is truly just bad business as well.

An Online Marketing/SEO Company should also be capable to


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STRATEGIC MESSAGING – What a company is going to say when they are implementing their marketing websites, ads etc. The words that instantly and clearly say, Who You Are, What You Do and What Customers Can Expect From Your Business.

MARKETING SYSTEMS – The sequence, what clients prospect is going to go through, the different points of contact in the entire marketing system and programme as they convert from a viagra how long prospect into customer.

An Online Marketing/SEO Company should declare that they are fully aware of the importance of practicing Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) TACTICAL MARKETNG according to this Code of Ethics and the rules and guidelines of the search engines. And that they are also fully aware that bad, invalid or unacceptable SEO practices may cause serious damage to a client’s website.

An Online Marketing/SEO Company should declare that they are fully aware of the importance and competent in development of STRATEGIC MARKETNG MESSAGING needed to get good conversions on a clients website so that the web traffic so generated with SEO is maximised – What a company is going to say on their website when they are implementing their marketing websites, ads etc. The words that instantly and clearly say, Who You Are, What You Do and What Customers Can Expect From Your a client’s website.

They should also confirm, that they undertake to act fairly and in the spirit of this Code of Ethics, providing their clients with trustworthy, efficient and professional advice. Their overriding goal is to successfully promote their clients’ web sites and help them gain achievements and profits. And to regard their clients’ satisfaction as their greatest reward.

For certain online or marketing services, excluding SEO, the Online Marketing/SEO Company should be willing to provide a money back guarantee or a refund policy.

For Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) services, the Online Marketing/SEO Company should be willing to provide a customer satisfaction guarantee..


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